Send Money

Send Money

Quickly, easily, and safely recharge any prepaid mobile phone, anywhere in the world!

Never run out of cell minutes again! 
With the Telos mobile top-up service, you can top up your mobile phone anytime, anywhere. 
You can even send minutes to your family and friends when you (or they) are in another country. 

Top up anywhere, anytime

24/7 service
Top up for your friends and family abroad
Available for mobile servce provider in over 100 countries

Safe and reliable

It only takes a minute to top up on Telos
Receive bonus credits for top-up
Secure and reliable checkout

Top up online with ease

Use Telos to pay the phone bills of your loved ones abroad.
Use this service to add cell minutes to a prepaid mobile phone. 
Avoid the trouble of finding a local store when running out of cell minutes.

More about top-up

What kind of mobile phone plans can I recharge?
**Any prepaid mobile phone. Postpaid phone bills in some countries are also supported.

How much money can I recharge?
**Typically, you can recharge $5, $10, $20 USD. In some countries, you can recharge up to $50.

Is the recharge service secure?
**Yes. Your credit card information is encrypted and never saved on our servers.