How to Get Telos Free Phone Numbers

How to get a second line for your iPhone, iPod, iPad, smartphone and Tablet? Just a few steps

1. Click More–Get Telos phone numbers, then choose between U.S./CA and United Kingdom.



2. U.S./CA: Enter a U.S./CA Area Code or City and then select the phone number you want.

UK:Simply select the number you want and continue.



3. Congratulates! You have reached the last step. Now click to pay and you will receive confirmation SMS….. and wait for 10 minutes for activation.

What you could do with the Telos Free Phone Number?

1. A permanent number that anyone could call or text you, even could be used on iPad, iPod and tablet.
2. Call out and text from the number over WiFi or data.
3. Set up call forwarding, receive voicemail.
4. Shared one phone number on several devices.

If you are in US, you could apply for a free US phone number immediately. If you are out of US, you may need to pay it with Credits. But it is very easy to earn a lot of free credits.

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