How to make cheap calls from Brazil

Thanks to the privatization of the telecommunications market in Brazil, there are now many different fixed-line and mobile providers available. However, despite the competition, calling costs still remain expensive and the number of fixed lines per 100 people is very low. Since it is very expensive to make international calls from Brazil, VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) solutions such as Telos have become a popular alternative for making cheap calls from Brazil.

To make free internet calls, both you and the person you are calling should have Telos installed on an iPhone or Android smartphone. In addition, you need to have WiFi access. With Telos, you can make calls to any mobile or landline phone, even if they are not using Telos. These kinds of calls will not be free, but are still a great way to make cheap calls from Brazil. You can pay for them with Telos credits that you can earn everyday by checking into the app, watching some commercial videos from Telos’s sponsors, or playing games.

Since it is also expensive to send SMS in Brazil, why not use Telos for your messaging needs? Telos is packed with many useful functions to make messaging easier and more secure. The walkie-talkie lets you send quick voice messages instead of spending time typing them out. If you send an incorrect message by mistake, you can immediately recall it. You can even receive notifications when the recipient has read your message.