Cheap International Calls from India to US

If you make phone calls to the USA from your regular Indian number, you’re aware how expensive the process can be. This can make it extremely difficult for Indians who need to call the USA from time to time. Some who manager business worldwide need it to call their American clients or banks; others need it to contact their families or friends in the USA. The good news is that you don’t have to rack your wits about how to make cheap calls from India to the US now. Most importantly, you can even make it free!

Get a US phone number

Telos allows uses from all over the world to get worldwide phone numbers. Indian uses can pick a US phone number easily without an extra SIM card. US phone numbers provided by Telos are real numbers with area codes. Enter a City Name or an Area Code, lots of numbers will be searched, some may even not be available from the local carries. Users can pick a favorite one. It is possible to pick birthday date or lucky number as phone number!

Get an unlimited calling plan

After you get a US phone number, add a plan for the number. Telos offers the following subscriptions: 
-Pay as You Go
-U.S. & Canada Unlimited Calling Plan with Ads: $2.99 USD/month
-U.S. & Canada Unlimited Calling Plan: $3.99 USD/month
-U.S. & Canada Unlimited Calling Plan Beyond First Number: $4.99 USD/month
-U.S. & Canada Unlimited Calling Plan for Toll Free: $9.99 USD/month
If you choose “Pay as You Go”, calls are paid by credits. You can get lots of free credits by completing offers so you can make international calls from India to the USA with cost of money.